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Lamination of eyebrows and eyelashes

Z. Gerushynska


2 days for 4 hours


UAH 3990

The cost

the entire schedule 3 places left for training! 3 10 декабря в 10:00

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Course teachers

This course is for those who:

  • Wants to change profession
  • Have already completed basic courses somewhere and want to gain additional knowledge about working with eyebrow and eyelash lamination techniques
  • For makeup artists who want to increase their earnings (salon and freelance, video production)
  • Wants to open his salon and be an authority in the team and orientate himself on the market and products

Our course helps in solving questions:

  • Searching for future customers who become permanent with a highly qualified master
  • Acquiring skills that allow you to earn well
  • Additional income for make-up artists, acquiring additional skills

About the course:

  • The course lasts 2 classes of 4 hours
  • We will provide you with all cosmetics, laminating compositions and recommend tools for work
  • A special atmosphere and a circle of like-minded people await you, with whom your growth and development will become inevitable
  • The course will be held in the most modern studio in Kyiv

Lesson 1.

  • Lamination and coloring of eyebrows
  • Acquaintance with the composition and tools
  • Description of the procedure, timing and determination of hair structure
  • Determination of hair structure
  • Application of the first composition, a special fixing bandage and exposure time
  • Change in composition
  • Eyebrow coloring
  • Eyebrow correction (at the client's request)
  • Practice on models

Lesson 2.

  • Eyelash lamination.
  • Theory of the technique and a brief description of the procedure
  • Definition of eyelash structure
  • Determining the desired curl and roller size
  • Degreasing hairs and fixing the roller in the correct position
  • The technique of applying the composition and fixation with the help of a special bandage
  • The procedure for changing the composition.
  • The technique of removing the roller and removing the composition and glue
  • Dyeing of eyelashes
  • Practice on eyebrow lamination models
  • Practice on eyelash lamination models

Are you in doubt?

MakeUpMe Academy - this is a new approach in teaching makeup. Our teachers have vast experience in the Ukrainian MakeUp market. At the same time, we understand that the main trends in the industry are laid in Paris, New York, London, so our teachers, without fail, visit the main European and American specialized exhibitions.

About our academy

Marusya Zadorozhnaya

Founder of MakeUpMe Academy, MakeUp artist, teacher

We, like no one else, know how much time you spend every day on self-care, make-up, hair and selection of cosmetics. We understand how important it is to always stay on top and receive daily compliments. We know how much you love nice girly things, stylish looks and new cosmetics.

That is why we created the Academy, where the leading specialists of Ukraine and the world will teach you not only the basics of make-up for yourself, but also make you a professional make-up artist, hair stylist, eyebrow artist, and also provide the most necessary things. MakeUpMe Academy is much more than regular make-up courses, it is a beauty site that combines bold and modern girls!

Our studios

We have a large studio and shop, the maximum amount of light and mirrors. We are located in the center of Kyiv, at the address of st. Gogolivska 37/2. (Beauty co-working space Mikana Beauty)

We tested different cosmetics and now we work only with the best!

Modern techniques.
You will learn them at our Academy!

All materials - from cosmetics to methodological publications - are provided by our Academy.

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