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Basic program: Skill and Technique

  • 1. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #1 - NUDE makeup
  • International standards of hygiene for the safe work of the craftsman.
  • Methods of cosmetic and express care for the work of a make-up artist.
  • Peculiarities of working with different skin conditions.
  • Review of textures (bases, tonal foundations, concealers, correctors)
  • 2. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #2 - NUDE makeup
  • You can adjust the number of classes and choose topics as you wish!
  • Morphology and anatomical features.
  • Basic principles of light and shadow in make-up.
  • The technique of sculpting the shape of the face.
  • Methods of competition.
  • 3. Theory + demo + practice
  • Eyebrow correction and modeling
  • Market overview of decorative products
  • 4. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #3 - ARROWS
  • Basics of graphics in make-up (form, construction and adaptation)
  • A set of exercises for setting the technique.
  • 5. Working out
  • Basic image #4 - ARROWS
  • Question/answer
  • 6. Theory + demo + practice
  • Base image #5 - LIPS AND EYELASHES
  • Rules of accentuation in make-up
  • Methods of correcting the shape of the eyes using false eyelashes
  • Make-up techniques and correction of the shape of the lips
  • 7. Theory + demo + practice
  • The basic image of #6 is SMOKY EYES
  • Eye morphology.
  • Eye shapes and correction methods.
  • The technique of working with brushes and dry textures.
  • Hand position.
  • 8. Theory + demo + practice
  • The basic image of #7 is SMOKY EYES
  • Work with color.
  • Color theory.
  • Contrasts and nuances.
  • 9. Theory + demo + practice
  • The basic image of #8 is SMOKY EYES
  • Working with cream textures
  • 10. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #9 - WEDDING MAKEUP
  • Specifics of work with brides.
  • Body makeup
  • 11. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #10 - ANTI AGE MAKEUP
  • 12. PRO TIPS. Creation of any basic method taking into account the physiological characteristics of the client.

Are you in doubt?

MakeUpMe Academy - this is a new approach in teaching makeup. Our teachers have vast experience in the Ukrainian MakeUp market. At the same time, we understand that the main trends in the industry are laid in Paris, New York, London, so our teachers, without fail, visit the main European and American specialized exhibitions.

About our academy

Marusya Zadorozhnaya

Founder of MakeUpMe Academy, MakeUp artist, teacher

We, like no one else, know how much time you spend every day on self-care, make-up, hair and selection of cosmetics. We understand how important it is to always stay on top and receive daily compliments. We know how much you love nice girly things, stylish looks and new cosmetics.

That is why we created the Academy, where the leading specialists of Ukraine and the world will teach you not only the basics of make-up for yourself, but also make you a professional make-up artist, hair stylist, eyebrow artist, and also provide the most necessary things. MakeUpMe Academy is much more than regular make-up courses, it is a beauty site that combines bold and modern girls!

Our studios

We have a large studio and shop, the maximum amount of light and mirrors. We are located in the center of Kyiv, at the address of st. Gogolivska 37/2. (Beauty co-working space Mikana Beauty)

We tested different cosmetics and now we work only with the best!

Our partners
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