Do you want to become a BROW ARTIST in a short time?
The price is UAH 5900!

Z. Gerushynska


2 days for 6 hours


UAH 5900

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  • In the course you will learn:
  • determine the morphology of the client's face, due to this, correctly choose the shape of the eyebrows
  • perform eyebrow correction
  • even out the asymmetry of the eyebrows
  • determine the density, structure, color and temperature of the hair
  • understand care: oils, scrubs, serums
  • to select and correctly mix paints, you can test paints of different brands and find your favorite
  • perfect for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes
  • you will have lots of practice on the models under the guidance of the instructor
  • learn all the tools of a brow artist and understand what to add to the Brow Kit

Eyebrows -

  • It is a reflection of our emotions. It is the eyebrows that emphasize joy, surprise, anger, sadness and other emotions on the face. With the help of correct eyebrow correction, you can change a person's view and the attitude of others towards him - this is a whole science

About the course:

  • The course lasts 2 days
  • You will learn everything about eyebrows and you will be able to apply all knowledge in practice
  • We provide materials for training
  • You will receive the BROW MASTER diploma, which will help you in employment
  • A special atmosphere awaits you and a circle of like-minded people, with whom your development will not make you wait

And how to learn all this in 2 days?

  • At MakeUpMe Academy, we launched a practical course for those who want to learn the key skills of an eyebrow artist as quickly as possible, put them into practice, and at the end confidently work with their clients, transform them and earn good money

In addition, you will receive:

  • The skill of coloring eyelashes to the very roots without tears and discomfort for clients
  • The skill of working with eyebrows of any complexity
  • Eternal access to the community of makeup artists, where you can ask our experts your questions
  • Discount on Must Have cosmetics from our store

Are you in doubt?

MakeUpMe Academy - this is a new approach in teaching makeup. Our teachers have vast experience in the Ukrainian MakeUp market. At the same time, we understand that the main trends in the industry are laid in Paris, New York, London, so our teachers, without fail, visit the main European and American specialized exhibitions.

About our academy

Marusya Zadorozhnaya

Founder of MakeUpMe Academy, MakeUp artist, teacher

We, like no one else, know how much time you spend every day on self-care, make-up, hair and selection of cosmetics. We understand how important it is to always stay on top and receive daily compliments. We know how much you love nice girly things, stylish looks and new cosmetics.

That is why we created the Academy, where the leading specialists of Ukraine and the world will teach you not only the basics of make-up for yourself, but also make you a professional make-up artist, hair stylist, eyebrow artist, and also provide the most necessary things. MakeUpMe Academy is much more than regular make-up courses, it is a beauty site that combines bold and modern girls!

Our studios

We have a large studio and shop, the maximum amount of light and mirrors. We are located in the center of Kyiv, at the address of st. Gogolivska 37/2. (Beauty co-working space Mikana Beauty)

We tested different cosmetics and now we work only with the best!

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