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Find a makeup artist for your project

Our Academy is synonymous with MakeUp in Ukraine. We train a new generation of world-class Ukrainian make-up artists, and therefore take care of their employment and professional development. If you are looking for an ideal make-up artist to join the team for your project, we will always help you find a specialist taking into account all the requirements and specifics of the work.

Our managers are always happy to help by phone. +380 (98) 940 08 08

Simple feminine joys

We know exactly what gift will please her - a MAKEUPME ACADEMY certificate. (Validity is 6 months).
Our managers are always happy to help by phone. +380 (98) 940 08 08

Corporate training

Makeupmybrand is a course specially designed for companies that care about their image and employees. The external image of your employees is associated by customers with the image of your company in general. We will develop an original image for your employees, taking into account the specifics of the company's field of activity and all your wishes.
Your employees will always look their best!

Our managers are always happy to help by phone. +380 (98) 940 08 08

We definitely know how to arrange an unforgettable bachelorette party!

Gather your friends, and we will organize the best beauty party yet!
Champagne, lots of cosmetics, a team of professional make-up artists, cakes and confetti - heaven for girls. The highlight of the evening is a master class, where you will not only be given a beautiful make-up, but also taught to do it yourself.

Our managers will help you arrange the best bachelorette party
by phone +380 (98) 940 08 08

Work out with the master 1x1, at a time convenient for you!

An individual class at the Academy is a few hours of happiness, during which you will have time to ask all the questions to your teacher and learn how to do make-up for yourself or the model you want, or even several.

PRO – UAH 4,499 for 3 hours.
FOR ME - UAH 3499. 3 hours.

To find out all the information or sign up for an individual lesson, call us!
tel. +380 (98) 940 08 08

With us, you can't go wrong in choosing cosmetics!

3 super-useful hours with a makeup artist 1x1! The master will tell you about all the peculiarities of the structure of your face, together you will take apart your makeup bag and learn how to use the products as intended. And then you will go to choose the necessary cosmetics! with us discounts in cosmetics stores until 20%!

The first part (1 hour) - consultation and analysis of morphology.
The second part (2 hours) is a visit to beauty shops.
Duration 3:00, cost 3500 hryvnias.
To find out all the details, call us - tel. +380 (98) 940 08 08

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