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Zena Gerushinskaya: "It's nice to see how a person falls in love with himself. And someone will say: these are just eyebrows!"

Anna Nesterenko / 12.02.2020

Before the Academy, she did not know how to work with her hands at all and sold auto parts. The relationship with her own eyebrows did not work out: then, succumbing to fashion, at 16 she plucked them to the strings, then she almost burned them with unsuccessful cosmetics. But now teacher PRO Zena Gerushinskaya knows literally everything about eyebrows! At first they became her hobby, and now - a successful job.

We are launching a series of interviews so that you can get to know MUMA masters better. The main secrets of eyebrow work, how to start a beauty career and what kind of cosmetics Zena can't imagine a day without - read further.

Why exactly eyebrows? How did they become your work?

Nowadays, self-confident women prefer minimalism when it comes to makeup. And eyebrows are exactly the detail that accentuates the natural features of the face. And even the greatest connoisseurs of naturalness cannot deny themselves eyebrow correction. It's always nice to see a person fall in love with himself again. And someone will say: it's just eyebrows! For me, it is primarily work with the face.

Tell us about your most interesting projects. What experience are you most proud of?

With achievements, everything is simple: some of my female clients come for the advice of their husbands. And it is an incredibly cool feeling when the results of your work are appreciated not only by your direct clients.

Every time I manage to convince the client that it is worth changing or growing the natural shape as much as possible, and he likes the result, it is a great achievement for me. And my profession is constant work with incredibly beautiful women! Sometimes even with TOP models: both literally and figuratively.

What formed your author's style and taste? What do you advise beginners to do for this?

I took my first training courses a little more than 3 years ago. Since then, she finished two more. And I always look for myself in all methods of working with eyebrows. First of all, in my work I have to be honest with myself, only then I will be honest with the client. I do not trim my eyebrows, and I will never do it, even if they ask a lot. 

I like to listen and it helps me in my work. Because I am always attentive to the client's wishes, but I am very theoretically knowledgeable in order to convince him to listen to me as well. In a word, if you manage to understand the person in front of you while preparing your eyebrows for correction, everyone will be satisfied with the result.

Is there a chance for a beginner to take his place in the beauty industry? What is needed for this?

Each of us always has a chance to succeed in any field. The main thing is that the chosen business brings pleasure. In my case, working with eyebrows was initially a hobby, which gradually became the main job. And I didn't even notice it right away!

Like any job, this one also requires knowledge. Therefore, one should not stop at what has been achieved, because there can be even more achievements.

Knowledge, a good tool - this is the key to success. And you should not set high prices for your own services immediately after training. It is better to make them moderate. The client will get used to you, and after a while, even when the prices increase, he will not leave you. This way you will be able to improve your own skills and develop a good client base.

Your TOP-5 masthevov in cosmetics.

  1. Base care Eisenberg Elixir de Jeunesse. 
  2. Concealer Eisenberg Precision 01 (pink).
  3. Mascara Collistar Infinito. 
  4. Definer pencil Wet-n-wild Retractable Brow Pencil. 
  5. Soap for eyebrows Zola Brow Soap. 

And I can't leave out the Wet-n-wild Megalast liquid catsuit lipstick in the Rebel rose shade! When you need express make-up, it is ideal: both as blush, and shadows, and actually lipstick. A very good shade!

Why did you decide to teach? What does it give you? Why the Academy?

Three "eyebrow" years taught me to be confident in the results of my work even before starting the work itself. I received so much information, knowledge, life hacks that I started sharing them with clients. Therefore, there was nowhere to look - teaching began by itself! 

At that time, I was teaching at the MakeUpMe Academy on the For Me courses, and my favorite topic was NUDE MAKEUP - because there it was necessary to paint eyebrows and eyelashes. That is, my karma itself pushed me to this decision, all that remained was to convince the leadership of the Academy. And voila! The first year is over... It was super cool! I look forward to even more events, acquaintances and emotions from 2020. 

What main principles are you trying to teach students in your course?

I always start with the fact that there is theory and there is reality. And they don't always coexist well. 

Theory helps to be more confident, because you can rely on your knowledge base. However, the reality is such that it contradicts the theory. For example, the face is round in shape, and the eyebrows are naturally horizontal and thin (this shape of the eyebrows makes the face even wider). And you can't do anything here. Well, almost. There are secrets, but we know about them :)

And one more very important principle. The customer is always right! True, not all clients are "yours". Therefore, it is worth working only with those people with whom you are on the same wavelength! My clients and I are like surfers from the same team :)

What is the ideal eyebrow for you?

An ideal eyebrow artist is a person who can wake up at 2 a.m., take a shower, drink coffee, and at 4 a.m. color and correct eyebrows. 

PS Xena explains the theory in a very accessible and understandable way and helps to develop practice. See for yourself course for future eyebrow artists. We are waiting for you at the Academy!

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