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About the Academy

Cute Girl,

we, like no one else, know how much time you spend every day on self-care, make-up, hair and selection of cosmetics. We understand how important it is to always stay on top and receive daily compliments. We know how much you love nice girly things, stylish looks and new cosmetics. That is why we created the Academy, where the leading specialists of Ukraine and the world will teach you not only the basics of MakeUp for yourself, but also make you a professional makeup artist, as well as provide you with the most necessary. MakeUpMe Academy is much more than regular make-up courses, it is a beauty site that combines bold and modern girls!

Makeup artists

We have developed a revolutionary approach to education. The team of leading make-up artists of Ukraine is ready to teach you everything they know and can do.


More than 200 m2 of beauty space in the heart of Kyiv. Professional light and many mirrors will make studying and working especially pleasant!


We have tested numerous brands of cosmetics so that you can only work with the best!


Delicious coffee, endless shelves with the latest cosmetics and charismatic teachers will make you late for several meetings! Plan a visit to us with plenty of time! :)

You will want to come back to our studio!

We tested different cosmetics and now we work only with the best!

We calculated what works at our Academy up to 400 bulbs! This is probably more than the Christmas tree on Sofiyivska Square :)


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